4th Annual Banked Slalom Results

The fourth annual Beech Mountain Banked Slalom was a success.  Thank you to all of our many sponsors and participants.
Ladies Ski Grom (13-under)
1st: Jackie Granger 27.103
2nd: Julia Handley 28.353
3rd: Lilly Rogers 33.387
Ladies Snowboard Youth (14-17)
1st: Lily Bower 31.929
2nd: Brantley Mullins 31.983
3rd: Kendall Shenlever 32.168
Ladies Ski Open
1st: Sara Beeken 26.720
Ladies Snowboard Open
1st: Angela Peña 35.814
Ladies Ski Masters
1st: Kelly Melang 39.065
Ladies Snowboard Masters
1st: Eve Parsons 33.493
Men’s Grom Ski (13-Under)
1st: Ben Struckmuyer 27.652
2nd: Ben Avason 30.755
3rd: Charlie Martyn 30.868
Men’s Grom Snowboard (13-Under)
1st: Nate Sprenger 29.294
2nd: JC McDaniel 29.600
3rd: Alex Shabazi 31.010
Men’s Youth Ski (14-17)
1st: Alec Granger 27.437
2nd: Matthew Melang 27.577
3rd: Brad Livorsy 28.001
Men’s Youth Snowboard (14-17)
1st: Reilly Tardiff 28.781
2nd: Bailey Livesay 30.260
3rd Wolfgang Melang 30.335
Men’s Ski Open
1st: Travis McKay 23.398
2nd: Mike Venneri 24.214
3rd: Mack Geiger 26.125
Men’s Snowboard Open
1st: Austin Burr 25.545
2nd: Jack Reid 26.329
3rd: John Davidson 27.185
Men’s Ski Open
1st: Marcus Reynolds 25.267
Men’s Snowboard Open
1st:  Dave Collier 27.407
2nd: Andy McDaniel 27.631
3rd: Allen Dawson 29.472
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