Mile High Yoga

Experience a sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit. Presented by Avery Community Yoga, Mile High Yoga caters to all ability levels and provides a secure, peaceful, and amiable experience at 5,506 feet in elevation.

Avery Community Yoga provides classes focused on creativity, health, and connection. Owner Jenna Stone is committed to the community and introduces individuals to yoga. Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and training to provide a comfortable and fulfilling class experience.

Classes are every Saturday and Sunday, June 3 through September 3. Tickets are $28 and are available online. Classes begin at 10:30 a.m., and participants must be on the chairlift by 10 a.m. sharp.

Every Saturday & Sunday starting June 3 – September 3. 

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Meet the Instructors

Chelsea Dittrich

Chelsea has been practicing yoga since 2009. She is certified and registered as a 200 E-RYT & 500 RYT with 6 years of combined teaching experience in Florida, Peru and Western North Carolina. Trained in Vinyasa and Hatha styles with a self developed affinity for the depth of Yin, she loves combining styles both in personal practice and shared instruction for a balance of fluidity and creative self expression.

Jenna Stone

Jenna involves most yoga fundraisers, community events, and partnerships that support local businesses, Avery County students, and nonprofits in the High Country.  She credits the community for the studio’s success. “I just entered my 40’s and I’m really narrowing down with the intention of what it is I want to do and why.  I want to serve authentically.  Yoga, movement, and community is the way for me.”

About being a yoga instructor.  “The feeling I have at the beginning, middle, and end of teaching a yoga class is pure joy.  To be in a position to offer peace is a gift.  I only seek quality teachers that jubilate this same emotion.”