60°F | Mostly Cloudy


Lift Status
1 – Double Chair Closed
3 – Double Chair Closed
4 – Double Chair Closed
5 – Quad Chair Closed
6 – Quad Chair Closed
7 – Quad Chair Closed
8 – Magic Carpet Closed
9 – The Park Closed


Trail Status
Meadows  Closed
Upper Shawneehaw  Closed
Lower Shawneehaw  Closed
Crossway  Closed
Upper Robbin’s Run  Closed
Lower Robbin’s Run  Closed
Upper Southern Star  Closed
Lower Southern Star  Closed
Crossover Closed
Upper Powder Bowl Closed
Lower Powder Bowl Closed
Freestyle Closed
Upper White Lightning Closed
Lower White Lightning Closed
Oz Run  Closed
Play Yard Closed
The Park Closed