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Trail Status

Updated: Oct 24, 2022 12:07pm

The bike season has concluded for 2022 and we are closed.  See you soon for ski season.

Easiest Green


[trail-lift-status name="sidewinder"]

Upper Green Mamba

Woods | Skills
[trail-lift-status name="upper_green_mamba"]

Lower Green Mamba

Woods to Hellbender | Skills

[trail-lift-status name="lower_green_mamba"]
Intermediate Blue
Upper Copperhead[trail-lift-status name="upper_copperhead"]
Lower Copperhead[trail-lift-status name="lower_copperhead"]
Hellbender[trail-lift-status name="hellbender"]
Upper Burmese Python[trail-lift-status name="upper_burmese_python"]

Lower Burmese Python

Lower to Hellbender

[trail-lift-status name="lower_burmese_python"]
Canebrake[trail-lift-status name="canebrake"]
Canebrake Connector[trail-lift-status name="canebrake_connector"]
Whistle Pig[trail-lift-status name="whistle_pig"]
Advanced Black

Upper Black Bear


[trail-lift-status name="upper_black_bear"]

Lower Black Bear

Lower to Hellbender

[trail-lift-status name="lower_black_bear"]
Chamberlin's Gap[trail-lift-status name="chamberlins_gap"]
Black Mamba[trail-lift-status name="black_mamba"]

Trail routes and trail conditions are subject to change at anytime due to weather related events and construction.  Please ride responsibly.

Pedal assist electric bikes are allowed at Beech Mountain Resort for downhill riding ONLY. E-bikes are not allowed to traverse uphill.  

For a full list of Summer 2021 Operational Dates and Hours, click HERE.

Chamberlin’s Gap