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Labor Rates

Turnaround time on services are dependent on mechanic availability. Call the shop for accurate estimation time at 828 387-2011 ext. 490

Service Price
Cable Housing $20 (External)
$30 (Internal)
$5 per foot
Derailleur Adjustment $10
Hanger Align (Includes Derailleur Adjustment) $25
Brake Adjust $10
Brake Pad Install $15
Brake Bleed (Shimano or Sram Only) $35 single
$50 pair
Tire/Tube Install $10
Tubeless Tire Install (Tubeless Rim, Tape, Valve, Tire Required) $20
Tubeless Tires Plus Insert Install $30
Wheel True (Lateral) $15
Pedal Install $5
Headset Adjust $20
By Appointment Only Price
Suspension Fitting $100
Fork Install $25
Fork Service Level 1 $60 plus parts
Fork Service Level 2 $100 plus parts
Fork Service Custom Tune $150 plus parts
Rear Shock Install $25
Rear Shock Level 1 – Air Sleeve Service $40 plus parts
Rear Shock Level 2 (Cane Creek and Rockshox Only) $100 plus parts
Rear Shock Custom Tune (Cane Creek and Rockshox Only) $150 plus parts
Pivot and Bearing Service/Install $60 per hour plus parts

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