A New Website in the Works for Beech Mountain Resort

The Beech Mountain Resort staff is hard at work in preparation for ski season and USA Cycling Mountain Bike Gravity Nationals! The installation of the ten new SMI Super Pole Cat snowmakers will ensure a busy summer for resort staff. Facility upgrades are taking place and will provide noticeable changes this winter. In addition to winter preparations, Beech Mountain Resort is expanding their Mountain Bike trail system. The progression of Mountain Biking is important to Beech Mountain Resort; therefore it is imperative that the perfection they strive for in ski season carry over into the trail expansion. With the help of Christopher Herndon, Beech Mountain Resort will provide a polished product just in time for USA Cycling Mountain Bike Nationals, which will take place September 22-25. In order to better serve their customers, Beech Mountain Resort is launching a new and improved website. The newly designed site will keep you better updated on summer improvements and will provide a more user-friendly experience. The site will be under construction during the summer and will officially launch this fall. You can check on the progress now by visiting www.beechmountainresort.com. The current website, www.skibeech.com will remain online during construction and will always serve as a convenient portal for winter content.

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