Summer improvements for a better skiing experience

Summer guns ready for installation

When temperatures hit the eighties or higher, many people tend to assume that Beech Mountain Resort has closed for the year. Little do they know that for Beech, like most resorts, summer is a time for crucial planning for the coming season, and staff shoulders a heavy work load. Resorts often work together during the off-season. Summer is a time for resorts to pool their talent for the progression and betterment of the ski industry. Beech Mountain Resort recently hosted the spring Southeastern Ski Area Association meeting. Seventeen participating resorts congregated for one goal: to expand and improve the skiing experience in the southeast. In the off-season, many resorts will make improvements to their snowmaking systems. Beech Mountain Resort operated this past season with eight SMI Super PoleCat snowmakers. General manager Ryan Costin said the dramatic impact the resort experienced last season, from the new snowmaking system prompted him to increase the fleet. Beech recently purchased ten new automated SMI Super PoleCat snowmakers, to be installed this summer and made ready for the 2011-2012 season. ‘SMI is an industry leader in snowmaking machines,’ said Gil Adams, director of skier services at Beech Mountain Resort. ‘These new Super PoleCats excel in all snowmaking temperature conditions. This will be a great addition to our system, which can pump approximately 3,500 gallons of water per minute to convert to snow.’ Summer is also time to replace and improve the chairlifts at Beech Mountain Resorts, and as older lift chairs are taken offline, they become collectables. The resort is selling chairs for $100.00. These can be made into porch swings, or as a decorative piece for home or rental. If interested, email [email protected].

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