Why Take a Ski or Snowboard Lesson?

Why take lessons? Lessons are the fastest path to success on the snow. First time lessons are ESSENTIAL, and we encourage every level of snow sport enthusiast to take a refresher lesson your first time on the snow at the opening of the season. Starting with the proper technique helps you progress faster.

TOP 10 Reasons To Take Ski/Snowboard Lessons:

  1. Proper Use of Equipment: It’s imperative to know how to put your board/skis on correctly
  2. Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code: Learn the rules of the slopes BEFORE you run them
  3. Basic Fundamentals: Learn how to move, turn and stop safely in the snow. Staying in control is key to safety and success
  4. How to Ride a Lift: There are a variety of lift systems on the slopes. Learn how to enter and exit a lift safely
  5. Know Your Terrain: Learn the layout of the slopes. Which areas are best for your abilities and interests?
  6. Tips & Tricks: Learn from the pros of the mountain! Get the inside scoop on everything instead of learning the hard way… much more fun!
  7. More Snowtime! Lesson participants are given priority in lift lines, which equals more fun on the snow for you while you learn.
  8. Know your Goals: An instructor can help you identify your goals through exercises during your lessons as well as suggest ways to refine your new skills in the future.
  9. Safety, Safety, Safety: Learn the DOs & DON’Ts of keeping yourself and your group safe during your time on the slopes.
  10. FUN: Lessons help you have more fun FASTER!

See our current options for lessons for all ages!

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