Bike Blog: How to Fix a Flat

Accidents are bound to happen. Learn how to quickly and safely change a flat tire and get back to having fun.

1. Diagnose the cause of the flat tire.

Some common causes are: Pinch flats in tubes, thorns, cut sidewalls, dented rims, and defective rim tape.

2. Uninstall the Wheel

Shift the gear to the hardest gear (smallest cog). This will make uninstalling the wheel easier. For modern Sram derailleurs, make sure to utilize the “Cage Lock” function. For modern Shimano derailleurs, make sure to disengage the clutch.

3. Remove the Tire

Force the bead of the tire to the center of the rim on both sides. This will make it easier to remove the tire and prevent damage to the rim tape.

4. Sweep inside of the tire for debris.

You want to ensure the inside of the tire is free of debris to prevent any damage during the installation of the tire.

5. Partially inflate the tube to prevent pinching the tube during install.





6. If the sidewall of the tire is torn, place a boot in between the tube and tire.
7. Use a tire lever to press the bead of the tire to center of the rim. This will make installation much easier, especially if using tire inserts.
8. Remove the valve core if seating the tire is difficult. This will allow more air to flow through the valve.
9. Ensure that the tire is fully seated.
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