Mountain Bike 101: Tips & Tricks For Your First Day


1.   Get Excited! It’s Time For A New Adventure.

We all know the excitement of going somewhere new. At our fingertips, we can virtually explore restaurants, activities, and maps to get an idea what our days might look like during our new experience. The good news is – Bike parks are no different! Most bike parks and resorts will have interactive maps or videos on their website or social media. A majority of them will also have other amenities to offer as well. This is a really great way to familiarize yourself with trails, processes and other activities. Take a quick look and see what fun is to come.

2.    Initiation into the Descent Club.

New to the sport? Even better, welcome to the descent club! On property, we offer rentals and lessons at Ski Beech Sports. Like any other sport, it’s a great idea to get a lesson. Having a coach on your first few trips is the best way to make sure you advance quickly and enjoy your new hobby. Our experienced instructors will teach you the how-to basics to destroy your first descent.

3.    Progression is Key.

Bike parks are built for progression. Start easy and work your way up. Building confidence on easier features gives you the ability to safely ride more difficult features down the road. Don’t lose sleep over not trying a 20ft road gap on your first day, it will be there on your next visit!

4.    Fair Weather Only.

Don’t be discouraged if the weather isn’t 80 degrees and sunny. The surface is often grippier and more fun to ride after some rain. Pack a rain jacket and several layers and be ready for sudden changes in the weather.

5.    Equipment Check!

Make sure your bike is safe to ride. Bike parks are gravity focused. It is imperative that your brakes, wheels, pivots, drivetrain, and suspension are all in good working order. If you are not confident with your ability to diagnose and service your own equipment, a tune up from your local bike shop is beneficial. A full face helmet and knee/elbow pads are also highly recommended. Regardless of the type of helmet, make sure it is not too old and is rated for gravity riding. Like working on your own equipment? Having a spare derailleur hanger or a set of specific suspension pivot bolts in your travel tool box can prevent a $25 dollar part from ruining your day.

These are all great tips to get you going on your first day and make sure it definitely won’t be your last! Additionally, getting to know the responsible code, so you can navigate the trails like a pro. Don’t forget that staff and instructors are also here to help throughout your experience, so feel free to ask questions!

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