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Singer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Brewer has been constant presence on the High Country music scene since moving to Boone from his native Clemmons, NC in 2000.
A founding member of Possum Jenkins, Soul Benefactor and Six Foot Groove, Brewer’s skills on guitar, drums and vocals are regularly on display with a host of local and regional performers, including The Worthless Son-In-Laws, Junaluska Gospel Choir, Melissa Reaves, The King Bees, Earleine and Tellico, among others.
With an ever-rotating cast of the area’s finest players, The Foscoe Four draws on Brewer’s appreciation for the funkier side of Southern American roots music; country funk, soul and blues from Memphis to New Orleans, and Macon to Tulsa, and all points in between.
Swapping instruments, harmonies and solos, the band’s improv-heavy, high-energy live shows have wowed crowds throughout the High Country. Dave Brewer’s Foscoe Four shows will get you dancing and leave you sweaty like Georgia in July!