Trivia Rules


Team Formation

  1. Each team must have a team name.
    1. Use the same team name all season if you wish to participate in the season long competition.
  2. Each team can have no more than four (4) members each Trivia night. Members may vary between different nights.
  3. At least 2 members of a team must be present for that teams score to count toward the finals.


Game Format

  1. There are 5 rounds of team trivia and one bonus question at the end of each round.
  2. Blank answer sheets are provided for each round.
  3. In the event of a tie, there will be a best out of 3 question series to determine the winner.


Game Rules

  1. No cell phones, computers, or any other electronic devices may be used for answering questions.
  2. All answers are final. If the Trivia Masters make a mistake, it will be consistent and standings will not be affected.
  3. Bonus questions at the ends of rounds can be worth up to 10 points


Point Allocation

  1. 1 point will be awarded to each team for every trivia question correctly answered. If the question has 2 parts 2 points will be awarded, and so on.
  2. On specifically designated “theme nights,” teams that participate and come in costume will receive 5 extra points.


Season-Long Competition

  1. Each night, the winning team will be awarded a prize.
  2. All teams will remain in the standings for the season winner. The team with the most accumulated points at the end of the season will win the grand prize and a trophy. At least three members of the team must present at the finals to be declared the winner.
  3. To be eligible for the finals the team must have competed in at least 8 of the 10 trivia nights.


Season Dates:                                                                      Categories:                                                        Sponsors


June 29                                                                                 Movie Trivia Night                                           Mile High Tavern
July 6                                                                                     History Trivia Night                                          Sorrento’s
July 13                                                                                   Music Trivia Night                                            Famous Fast Eddies
July 20                                                                                   Beech Mountain Trivia Night                       Famous Brick Oven
July 27                                                                                   TV Shows Trivia Night                                     The Pedalin Pig
August 3                                                                               Decades Trivia Night (60’s-2000’s)             Freds
August 10                                                                            Sports Trivia Night                                           Valle De Bravo
August 17                                                                            Alcohol Trivia Night                                         Linville Falls Winery
August 24                                                                            General Trivia Night
August 31                                                                            FINALS – General Trivia

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