Gore-Tex: 3 East Coast Ski Resorts We love


Last year we told you what resorts we planned on hitting up on the west coast. Now the slopes are open again; we’re heading out to the ski and snowboard beasts that east coast ski resorts have to offer.

Killington Ski Resort, VermontGORE-95940S-BB2-440x387-EastSkiSnowboard-Kill
When we say we’ve never seen a ski resort quite like Killington, we mean it. From the length of time that the slopes are open (192 days last year) to the seemingly never-ending supply of powder, it’s as though the Killington staff has control over Mother Nature so they can extend the season longer than it should ever last.

But it’s not just the operating time that makes Killington Ski Resort special; it’s the attention to detail for every caliber of rider. Take a look at the difficulty breakdown of their 155 runs.


You’ll never get bored of the runs because you probably won’t get through them all. To ride every trail at Killington at a reasonable rate, us thinking 8 runs per day is a reasonable amount, you’d have to be there for 19 days. That’s a lot of riding, and we’re not mad about it…

While you’re there, get live updates of almost every view of the mountain with their live webcams to see which lifts have the longest lines, runs that have the most snow, and if any slopes are closed.

Killington Ski Resort masterfully crafts their slopes and has a seemingly never-ending supply of new rides. We discover something new each time we go to Killington and that’s part of the reason we go back year after year.

Blue Mountain Ski Area, Pennsylvania

“Blue Mountain Ski Area blew my mind.” That’s something we continually hear from people who visit, work, or live near Blue Mountain.GORE-95940S-BB2-440x387-EastSkiSnowboard-Blue

It’s only about a 90-minute drive from Philly, and the first thing we do when we hit Blue Mountain is head to the air bag. It’s a great way to test out some tricks with a soft landing before trying them out on the mountain.

Check out this video and you’ll see why we love it…

Video courtesy of BlueMountainVideo YouTube Channel

At Blue Mountain Ski Area, beginners and intermediate riders can both get a bang for their buck. Here’s how the slopes break down:


Once the slopes have closed there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for more fun. No worries, because Blue Mountain also offers zip lining, fine dining, and so much more.

And here’s an insider tip to help your budget: buying tickets online is cheaper than if you buy them at the resort. If you’ve been looking for a resort that has more amenities than just the slopes, take a trip out to Blue Mountain Ski Area for bang for your buck fun.

Beech Mountain Resort, North Carolina

GORE-95940S-BB2-440x387-EastSkiSnowboard-BeechOne of the few resorts boasting a vast array of fall lines on many runs and 100% night skiing and snowboarding – you heard that right, 100% night riding – Beech Mountain Resort always gets us giddy as we’re driving up the mountain and see the slopes in our peripherals.

Beech Mountain stakes the claim as one of the highest ski resorts in the US, so when you’re there you can say, “I’m on top of the world!” and no one will tell you otherwise.

Though Beech Mountain doesn’t have double black diamond runs, it has a somewhat balanced offering for beginner, intermediate and advance riders.


The mountain also has a lot to offer people who go skiing or snowboarding for the first time, with lessons and gear specifically for riders just starting out. And it’s all provided by Burton.

If you don’t ski or snowboard, Beech Mountain has some other surprises, starting with a tubing park. It doesn’t get much better than sliding down the slopes on a tube at 40 miles per hour, no matter who you are.

You’ll find the best tickets and passes for your group on Beech’s main site. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the mountain’s webcams to know when the pow is freshest.

But what would your trip out to the east be without some of our secrets to making the trek worth it?

Rent in AdvanceGORE-95940S-BB2-440x387-EastSkiSnowboard-Lift

Who doesn’t love a good deal? If you plan on renting gear this season, renting in advance can save you up to 15-25%.

Be Single and Ready to Mingle

Some of the most crowded resorts get that way because people want to ride with groups of friends. If you’re okay with separating from the pack, you’ll save yourself from spending time in the lines, which will give you more chances to get that extra run in before calling it a day.

Wear Gear That’s as Active as You Are

If you’re looking for gear to actually get excited about, we’d like to introduce you to GORE-TEX® Pro‬ Products, gear engineered for the extreme. It’s made to handle Mother Nature at her worst, so you won’t have those in-the-moment regrets when you realize your gear isn’t holding up like you thought it would.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

See you on the slopes!

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