NC Snowboarding

NC Snowboarding

NC Snowboarding at its finest can be found at Beech Mountain Resort. Nobody in the Southeast offers terrain like what is found here. With spectacular views, highest elevation snowboarding, two terrain parks, and an entire mountain to shred, we offer what nobody else can. Our features are constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that snowboarding conditions are always above board.

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As Eastern America’s highest ski resort, Beech Mountain Ski Resort enjoys its fair share of notoriety. Since 1967, this mile-high resort has been catering not only to residents of the High Country, but to people all over the country and especially the Southeast. This quaint resort offers all the elements of a rustic ski vacation, including Beech Mountain Ski slopes, Snow Tubing Banner Elk runs, great ice skating, and even a charming Alpine Village. In addition all of these exciting activities, Beech Mountain Resort is also home to fantastic boarding all year round. If you love to snowboard, you’ll love Beech Mountain North Carolina!

nc snowboardingAll of the Banner Elk Ski Resorts offer snowboarding, but only Beech Mountain Resort can boast the views that come with being the highest ski resort in Eastern America. If stunning panoramas and great terrain parks are what you’re after, you’ll want to spend some time boarding at Beech Mountain Ski Resort. The 2008/2009 season brought with it a brand new terrain park at Ski Beech Mountain. This new terrain park includes such features as rails, boxes, and jumps for both intermediate and advanced freestyle boarders, and a staff tends it day and night in order to maintain the features. With the completion of the new park, Beech Mountain Resort decided to devote their old park in the Meadows to beginner boarders. This park, which includes introductory rails, boxes, and rollers, is a fantastic place for beginners to learn to the tricks of the trade and hone their skills. Beech Mountain NC invites its boarders to participate in their Smart Style Program, which entails following a few simple rules to increase safety and productivity in their terrain parks:

Simple Rules to Increase Safety & Productivity

Boarders are encouraged to decide which features they want to try before using the freestyle terrain, so that they can plan their approaches accordingly.

They are advised to be on the lookout for sings and warnings that will alert them about dangerous areas of the terrain park, do an initial run-through to become more familiar with the features, be aware that features change constantly do to use and weather conditions, and to use a spotter when necessary.

Boarders are encouraged to be aware of their own limits, not to take unnecessary risks, and to work their way up to bigger tricks little by little. Please note that inverted aerials are prohibited.

Be respectful not only of fellow riders, but also of the terrain itself. Wait your turn, clear landing areas quickly, and always call your start.

With so many Things to Do in Beech Mountain NC, it is no wonder that so many people head to this area each ski season to participate in fantastic winter sports like snowboarding, Banner Elk Snow Tubing, and Banner Elk NC Skiing. The Town of Beech Mountain offers charming shops and delicious dining, as well as unparalleled views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Banner Elk Snowfall that blankets the area each year, combined with Beech Mountain Resort’s snowmaking capabilities, guarantees amazing Beech Mountain Skiing conditions.

Why not give Beech Mountain Resort a try? Of all the Banner Elk NC Ski Resorts, only Beech Mountain NC holds the distinction of being the highest in the Eastern United States. has all the information you need to plan you next visit to Beech Mountain Ski Resort or any of the Banner Elk Ski Resorts. Whether you’re looking for Banner Elk NC Hotels, Things to Do in Banner Elk NC, the best Banner Elk NC Ski Shops, or Beech Mountain Lodging, our website can help you find what you’re looking for. For everything you need to know to plan your next vacation to Beech Mountain Resort, browse our website. be your one-stop source of information the next time you’re considering traveling to one of the fantastic ski resorts in the Southeast or the Mid-Atlantic.

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