The Great Cardboard Box Derby

The Great Cardboard Box Derby

The annual Great Cardboard Box Derby of Beech Mountain Resort is sure to offer fierce competition again this year.

Slated to take place Sunday, January 11, this 30 year historic event generates a day of creativity, laughter, and thrills; the prospect of winning a sizeable prize of $500 adds to the excitement. The Top First Place Prize of $500 is judged on a combined score of design originality, best looking, and fastest race time. For each category mentioned a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize will also be awarded. For those not participating in the creative pursuit of “Top Cardboard” contestant, don’t panic – the competition is certain to offer an abundance of fun, entertainment, and good-hearted rivalry.

This year’s event takes place Sunday January 11, 2015. Registration cost is $25 per entry per group. Registration may be completed by mail, or the day of the event from 9am-11am in the Group Sales office. All “pilots” must be 18 years or older for the race portion of the competition. Visual judging for originality and creativity will take place on the deck of the View Haus at 12pm and the race begins at 2pm on Freestyle. Awards and “Top Cardboard” contestant bestowment will be announced in the View Haus shortly following the conclusion of the race.

Rules for the Great Cardboard Box Derby

  1. Entries must be sponsored by an affinity group (business, church, community organization, etc.) There can only be one entry per group.


  1. One OR two pilots are allowed. Pilots must remain in the “vehicle” for the entire race. Hand held ski poles or sticks for steering purposes are not allowed to be attached to the vehicle. Helmets are required. No one will be allowed to race without a helmet.



  1. “Vehicles” must be made of cardboard box. It must have a minimum of three sides which are at least 10 inches high. Vehicles must be lettered and decorated.


  1. Structure of Box


  • Materials which cannot be used for structural purposes are:
    • Staples (unless originally in box), wood, metal, plastic, rubber, epoxy, screws, nails, or fiberglass
  • Materials which are allowed are:
    • Tape, white glue (Elmer’s or similar), wax oil or water based paint.
  • Materials NOT allowed for the running surface include:
    • White glue, wax, oil or water based paint, plastic, rubber, epoxy, nails, screws, tape, epoxy resin, or fiberglass




  1. Decoration of Box
    • Materials which cannot be used for decoration purposes are:
      • Staples, wood, metal, plastic, rubber, epoxy, screws, nails, or fiberglass
    • Materials which are allowed for decoration purposes are:
      • Oil or water based paints, tape, varnish, shellac, and poly urethane.
    • These are ALL If there are any questions regarding materials please call the Group Sales Office at 828-387-2011 ext. 205


  1. Registration will take place from 9am-11am in the Group Sales Office on the day of the event. Entry forms must be completed and turned in for both the pilot and co-pilot along with the $25 entry fee at this time, or you may register my mail.*

*If registering by mail, you must still check in at Group Sales during the assigned hours of registration.

  1. Pilot and co-pilot must both be at least 18 years of age. Please provide a valid form of identification at registration.
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