March Madness


March Madness rates are on the way! March Madness begins Monday, March 2, and runs through the remainder of the ski season. During March Madness, skiers and snowboarders receive 25 percent off all lift tickets and rental equipment. This special deal is available seven days a week and cancels out all other discount promotions, except for the school snow day special.

Lift Ticket Pricing


Adult Day/Twilight9am-5pm/1pm-Close$27.00$48.00
Adult Half Day9am-1pm/1pm-Close$20.00$37.00
Adult Night5pm-Close$18.00$24.00
Adult All Access9am-Close$37.00$57.00
Jr. & Sr. Day/Twilight9am-5pm/1pm-Close$22.00$33.00
Jr.& Sr. Half Day9am-1pm/1pm-Close$15.00$26.00
Jr.& Sr. Night5pm-Close$15.00$18.00
Junior All Access9am-Close$30.00$42.00
Sunday 5pm –
Friday 5pm
Friday 5pm –
Sunday 5pm

Rental Rates

WeekdayDay or TwilightHalf-DayNightAll Access
Adult Ski Rentals$16$12$12$18
Jr. Ski Rentals (11 and under)$11$7$7$14
Snowboard Rentals$22$18$18$25
WeekendDay or TwilightHalf-DayNightAll Access
Adult Ski Rentals$21$16$16$23
Jr. Ski Rentals (11 and under)$15$11$11$17
Snowboard Rentals$26$18$18$29
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