Installation of TWO New Chairlifts Begin

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Beech Mountain Resort’s Installation of TWO New Chairlifts Will Decrease Travel Time, Increase Capacity to Summit and Riding Comfort

Beech Mountain, NC—Beech Mountain Ski Resort announces the replacement of two of its main chairlifts, to be ready for the 2018/2019 winter season.Lift 5, which ascends to the 5,506-foot summit, and was originally built in 1987, is currently being disassembled in preparation for the installment of a new Doppelymayr fixed-grip quad lift.  The Doppelmayr quad lift will include the addition of a loading conveyor to ensure safe boarding, higher travel speeds and shorter trip times.  Lift 5 will now offer 144 chairs with a 6-1/2-minute travel time accommodating 2,400 people per hour.

Lift 6, currently a double chair lift, also ascends to the 5,506-foot summit and will be replaced with an identical Doppelmayr fixed-grip quad lift.  This new Doppelmayr quad lift will feature 106 chairs offering a 6-1/2-minute travel time with a capacity of 2,000 people per hour.

Both Doppelmayr quad lifts will feature foot support with upholstered seating and a back rest.  Patrons can now expect to reach the 5,506-foot summit with easy on-and-off loading, comfortable seating, and a more efficient layout to eliminate lift-line congestion.


Specs and details:

Lift 5

  • Doppelmayr Fixed-Grip Quad
  • Loading Conveyor
  • 144 Chairs
  • 6 1/2-minute trip time
  • Upholstered seating and back support
  • Foot rest
  • 2,400 people per hour


Lift 6

  • Doppelmayr Fixed-Grip Quad
  • 106 Chairs
  • 6 1/2-minute trip time
  • Upholstered seating and back support
  • Foot rest
  • 2,000 people per hour

Total Capacity= 4,400 people per hour

Beech Mountain Resort will open for summer operations soon, including mountain biking, disc golf, live music, and yoga.  Transportation will be provided to the summit and more information will be released in April.

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