2015-2016 Improvements

We are working hard this summer and many projects have been underway since spring. Major investments have been made to the infrastructure of the lifts. The terminal, at the top of the Quad, is now an enclosed structure that will help to prevent exposure to the harsh elements. Additionally, the drive shaft has been replaced on the Quad. We had an engineer from Dopplemayr evaluate and help with suggestions to improve lifts and have implemented many of those changes already. For lift #1 we have made adjustments at the base area so loading is easier. All of the lifts have been worked on and improvements made.

The mountain will have new snow-making capabilities with 14 new SMI pole cats that will allow for faster snow-making and the opportunity to give us the largest snow-making capacity in history and it will enable us to really define our product. The team in the terrain park is constantly envisioning different options for the terrain park features to be the best terrain park in the area.

We are also adding tubing to our resort with a magic carpet for easy transport back to the top of the runs. The tubing run concept has been in the works for some time. We started construction on the tubing run shortly after ski season.  This will be the best tubing area we have ever had.  The magic carpet will be a great touch and additionally, the close proximity to the resort village will be great. We are building the tubing run in between parking lot #2 and #3.  They have done a nice job of engineering the design, so we think our customers will be really pleased.

Many other investments have been made to our resort as well. The Beech Tree Bar and Grille is being renovated. It will have a fresh look.  We put in skylights to brighten up the building and we anticipate using the upper level.  People will notice an updated look, including new furniture.  We will now have more TVs upstairs and downstairs including a large projection screen.  The projection screen will be great for events and the Sunday games.  We hope to do some brew-n-view nights and show other film premieres and movies for events.  As usual, we will still have the stage, so this will continue to be a great spot for music.  We plan on expanding our music series this winter.  We hope for this project to be completed by the fall and definitely by ski season.  We think this will be a great restaurant/bar for not only area visitors, but locals as well.

The staircase up to the View Haus has been completely rebuilt and the staircase near rentals has also been rebuilt. We have also renovated bathrooms by ski rentals.

We are putting down new flooring in group sales, so that will be a nice updated change to the group sales department. The building will get some slight renovations, so it will be a great meeting space for groups.

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