Enjoy direct to lift access with our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Our Lift Tickets and Season Passes utilize this modern technology that stores a unique identification number on each card – so as you approach the gates, your information is directly read and validated so you can board the lift without any hassle. Reload your card online anytime.

Frequent RFID Questions

The glass-like panel on the left side of the lift gate is the reader.  Keep your RFID card in a left side pocket below your shoulder and above your knee.  If you have a pocket on your left jacket sleeve or a left chest pocket, that works well.  Short people and small children should keep their card at a higher location on their person. Do not carry your RFID card in your wallet when going through gates.  Nor should there be anything else in the pocket your card is in, such as credit cards, other RFID cards, cellphone, metal clips…etc. as they can interfere with the readability of your card.

No. Every RFID card is unique to the specific ski resort or destination database where you originally received the RFID card. Other RFID cards will not work at Beech Mountain Resort.

Skip the ticket window stress by reloading your Beech Mountain Resort tickets online! Visit beechmountainresort.com/reload for a quick and easy way to head straight to the lift.

If you reloaded your lift ticket card and then forgot it, go to the ticket window for a new RFID card ($25) -the ticket you reloaded on your forgotten card will be moved to the new card. If you lose our season, pass visit the administration office for a new one. There is a $25 replacement fee.

No. Holes or other physical alternations made to RFID cards can damage the connections in the card and it will not work properly. If your RFID card is damaged a replacement fee will be charged.



While we require a photo on file for all season pass holders, you won’t see your photo on your RFID card as you would have for past season passes. Instead, we see your photo at our RFID gates to validate that you’re using your actual pass.

No, passes and tickets are non-transferable. Your name (and photo if a season passholder) is attached to your card and only you can use it. Violation of this policy will result in loss of ticket or pass.

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