Beech Mountain Academy Scholarships Available

Do you have a passion for snow sports?  Have you always wanted ski or snowboard, but never really had the chance?  Are you ready to improve your skills while being a part of a team?  Look no further!  Beech Mountain Academy is offering scholarships to qualified athletes!  Apply today!

The Beech Mountain Academy mission is to make it possible for every interested young athlete, regardless of economic background, to take advantage of the programs offered by the competitive ski and snowboard teams.

The Beech Mountain Academy offers competitive programs for Alpine (ages 5-18) and Freestyle (ages 8-18).  Eligible athletes must have a passion for skiing or riding and a desire to improve their skills. Athletes are expected to be able to ski or snowboard from the top of the mountain confidently and in control.

To apply, please complete the following BMA Team Scholarship Application by November 19, 2018.

Email: [email protected]

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