Banked Slalom Race

Beech Mountain Resort’s Banked Slalom Race returns on Saturday. February 22, 2014. Running in conjunction with the third annual 80’s weekend, this is an event you don’t want to miss! The unique course will feature turns, banks, doubles, jumps and snow berms. Competitors will be timed, with a requirement to hit gates along the course. The entry fee is $15 and discounted lift tickets are available to contestants through Group Sales. Pre-registration is available at Recess or Edge of the World between February 15th and February 21st. Race day registration will be held in Roots Ride Shop, located in the Beech Tree Village, from 9:30am to 11:30am. The event begins at 1 pm.

Beech Mountain Resort Banked Slalom Race is sponsored by: RECESS, Edge of the World, Skull Candy, SMITH, LIB Tech, GNU, Armada, One Ball Jay, Dakine, and Spacecraft.

Banked Slalom 2014 results

158 Competitors

Men’s Snowboard Open

  1. Austin Burr 29.40
  2. Cory Haberstock 30.50
  3. Ben Millsaps 30.61

Men’s Ski Open

  1. Travis McKay 27.83
  2. Taylor Jones 27.91
  3. Tanner Pardue 27.95

Women’s Snowboard Open

  1. Courtney Morrison 43.74
  2. Lauren Pandolphi 44.25
  3. Leigh Cougler 47.08

Youth Snowboard Boys

  1. Reilly Tardiff 34.63
  2. John Kevin Mullins 34.98
  3. Julien Passajou 35.01

Youth Ski Boys

  1. Tucker Emmett 30.49
  2. Phillip Smith 32.37
  3. Torsten Sjostedt 32.88

Grom Snowboard Boy

  1. Andrew Woodlief 36.73
  2. Hunter Rice 38.26
  3. Wolfgang Melang 38.29

Grom Ski Boy

  1. Michael Smith 31.16
  2. Maddox Spires 32.01
  3. Patrick Mitchell 43.82

Grom Snowboard Girl

  1. Brantly Mullins 41.35
  2. Lili Baver 48.62
  3. Hailey Triplett 49.52
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